All store products follow the general logic of Agelis family and “mania” for quality. They are actually selected on strict criteria from small farms of the territory, where animals graze and grow in the traditional way, instead of growing in industrial processes (eg with fattening foods).

Good meat has a great taste. That’s what our customer enjoys.


Agelis Butcher Shop provides you with a great variety of meat and poultry


The carpaccio is the noble name given by its creator Giuseppe Cipriani on thinly sliced raw beef served with a delicious white mayonnaise. The preparation of the original carpaccio requires mastery in cutting. The Agelis butcher shop is famous for the carpaccio, so it is no coincidence that famous Greek chefs visit this place to enjoy it at its best.

Meat aging

Agelis store specializes on the method of meat aging. That means that the customer can choose the cut of meat he likes and then we keep it into special refrigerator compartments, in particular temperature and humidity, so that it becomes softer and better in taste.

Παλαίωση κρέατος

Phone orders

Make your order and give us time to prepare whatever you desire and the opportunity for better service.

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Handmade Sausages

After years of testing, the owner reached the top recipe for sausage making. So our handmade sausages made with high quality meat and enriched with tasty little fresh spices, are delicious, light in taste and highly recommended.

Χειροποίητα λουκάνικα