A modern butcher shop in the heart of Athens and specifically in the central market, the Varvakeio. Modern but with a long history. Thanos continues a family tradition, as his father and grandfather were involved in the meat industry. Childhood memories created in this area, after the family got the store in Varvakeio in 1979, became vision for continuing the occupation.

At the Agelis butcher shop you will find a huge variety of meat and poultry. The client enjoys the possibility of species and quantity selection, portion made service, while he can also take advantage of our expertise in meat aging. Not only will you buy fresh meat, but you will also learn a bunch of secrets… for the proper maintenance and preparation of your favorite meat and poultry, the materials that suit the taste best, and delicious recipes to impress your beloved ones!

Agelis butcher shop has another advantage too: an easy access from Aiolou street. That means you don’t necessarily need to enter the Varvakeio central market. Unless you want to combine your shopping with a walk in the spice stores, try traditional Greek products and especially cheese, and generally enjoy a lovely walk in a historic spot of Athens.

Enjoy fresh meat of excellent quality, as well as flawless service!


The Agelis family deals with the meat for several decades. Since 1979 they own the store in Varvakeio Market. At the time this market was a “myth”, the Athenians’ meeting point for their purchases. For the Greek family, the walk in Varvakeio and the choice of meat that would be served on the Sunday table was something like “celebration”.

Having grown up with these images, Thanos Agelis decided to continue the family tradition, offering fresh and quality meat in today’s consumer. He worked by the best butchers and has gained the experience and expertise to choose for you the best meat, separating the Greek varieties from the foreign by only seeing their external characteristics, without having to refer to seals and certification documents … He also shares his knowledge and “teaches” customers secrets to distinguish the good meat! Those that have grown naturally, as he says, in nature, under the sun, and not in factories, on fattening conditions for example.


The present owner, Thanos Angelis, shares his extensive experience and expertise for the good meat. In fact he teaches his customers how to distinguish by taste – the No.1 feature quality- good meat.

This is, after all, the competitive advantage of the store. That provides the consumer with delicious meat! The perfect quality at the best price! In addition, he proposes tested recipes and gives instructions for best preparation of your favorite dishes, so as to enjoy them with your loved ones with a glass of fine wine.

Over the years, both the shop but also the Varvakeios Market in general have evolved. So far, this part of the city has managed to become a “tourist attraction”, welcoming tourists from around the world.